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Highgate [Sep. 29th, 2015|01:06 pm]
Monday 28 September: Highgate
Last night in London for my houseguest Maïlove Bénoliel so after work i took her to see the lovely view of London from Parliement Hill and a little glimpse at beautiful Hampstead Health. So sad to see the Ladies pond closed empty...roll on next summer
Little excursion to show Mailove another side of the city with all the pretty houses around Highgate, (especially where i will live when i win that lottery in "holly Village" ). Amusingly our plan was for her to try fish and chips but that night it wasn't meant to happen, we ended up trying so many pubs but big fail. Later catching the last tube home after putting her on train to Luton airport.

 photo test 001.jpg
 photo test 002.jpg
 photo test 003.jpg
empty pond :(
 photo test 004.jpg
Holly village
 photo test 006.jpg
 photo test 007.jpg
 photo test 011.jpg
 photo test 012.jpg
 photo test 014.jpg