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Sue Kreitzman @ Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosity - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Sue Kreitzman @ Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosity [Sep. 24th, 2015|07:26 pm]
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Wednesday 23 September: Sue Kreitzman @ Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosity

On tuesday our house guest for a week Mailove arrived, so after work on Wednesday we took her to experience the amazing spectacle that is Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosity. It was  for the launch of the fabulously colourful new window display by Sue Kreitzman & John William and where else can you seat next to a stuffed lion in a fez eating insect and with a complementary  G&T
Afterward we went to Camden for dinner at Bento and  we did something i haven't done in way too long popped for a drink in the Dev. Much improvement on the beer choices, music not too loud and nice to still bump into a few familiars faces i haven't see in ages.

that was the event we went to : https://www.facebook.com/events/706275569504951/

with the artist
 photo test 001.jpg

 photo test 002.jpg

 photo test 003.jpg

 photo test 004.jpg
snippet from inside :)
 photo test 005.jpg
bar area
 photo test 006.jpg
 photo test 007.jpg
museum in basement
 photo test 009.jpg
 photo test 010.jpg
 photo test 011.jpg
 photo test 013.jpg
 photo test 014.jpg
 photo test 017.jpg
 photo test 018.jpg
 photo test 019.jpg
 photo test 020.jpg
 photo test 021.jpg
 photo test 022.jpg
 photo test 026.jpg
 photo test 027.jpg
 photo test 028.jpg
 photo test 029.jpg
 photo test 031.jpg
 photo test 035.jpg
drinking G&T in style
 photo test 036.jpg
 photo test 037.jpg
free buffet
 photo test 038.jpg
 photo test 039.jpg
 photo test 040.jpg