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Big skull shopping - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Big skull shopping [Sep. 2nd, 2015|05:27 pm]
Thursday 27 August & Friday 28 August

Lovely evening with Robert Cerny and his girlfriend. Much wine consumed, sleepy head and an early breakfast of leftover pizzas to start long weekend.

 photo 11220118_10203229958949317_6335073593650015142_n.jpg

On our way to infest via a few homesense...once again they refulled their stock..each visit to homesense or small tkmaxx branch there is a new halloween stock and seeing on FB gosh  everyone getting amazing but quite diffrent stock...so loys of lovely new stuff

 photo 11960076_10152927344671548_5676012028409059284_n.jpg

 photo 11960190_10152927344696548_2497864550869065157_n.jpg

 photo 11219084_10152927561501548_3984883735620367422_n.jpg

 photo 11058627_10152927344726548_7441785738154249010_n.jpg

 photo 11902237_10152927344771548_4002006605169436807_n.jpg

 photo 11902536_10152927344791548_6668829747051505574_n.jpg

 photo 11954823_10152927344746548_5073586809551097542_n.jpg

 photo 11891145_10152927344816548_7432051519093387987_n.jpg
 photo 11892267_10152927347511548_7559144025249428711_n.jpg

got a bit excited especially the huge skull planter so good value at £12.99
 photo 11885402_10152927347566548_6794218489582050770_n.jpg
and this also happen !!!!
 photo 11889506_10152927347486548_6155660845893413746_n.jpg

due to filling the back seta with skull we had to return home to drop them ...so slight change of plan instead of going via the watford one decide to do via the cambridge one...nice stuff but still no bat cake stand i was after

back seat of the car
 photo 11898548_10152927347596548_8848329069357978418_n.jpg

 photo 11889621_10152927561611548_6776511627672562348_n.jpg
those platter were so huge amazing but not sure fit anywhere
 photo 11896000_10152927561526548_545206838565287122_n.jpg