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MetalChrome - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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MetalChrome [Aug. 19th, 2015|05:10 pm]

Friday 14 August: MetalChrome

It was so good to listen and dance to lots of music i love and I do miss bouncing to, especially since the demise of Inferno. Really nice venue too and quirky flamingo theme toilest. Hungry on way home and I "might" have tested the olive cake i made for today picnic...but i guess i had to be sure it was good inside.

Just took a few before leaving ..attempting big hair...considering i spent the day sorting and planning outfit for 2 steampunk event and infest...by the time it was time to go out...i couldn't be much bother, which was lucky as it wasn't a very dress up affair but gosh the music was amazing :)

 photo 11863346_10152901503656548_2121239349223262071_n.jpg
 photo 11144419_10152901503541548_6817786104984872982_n.jpg
 photo 11903957_10152901503731548_6726493722395420959_n.jpg
 photo 11863256_10152901503606548_4543598396774931509_n.jpg

Just to give a taste this was victoria set list :)

Moonspell - Funeral Bloom

Apocalyptica - Path

Lacuna Coil - Trip The Darkness

Tanzwut - Freitag der 13.

Eluveitie - Inis Mona

Dark Tranquillity - Terminus (Where Death Is Most Alive)

Deathstars - Death Is Wasted On The Dead

Dimmu Borgir Puritania

Xandria - Nightfall

Nightwish - Amaranth

Die Krupps - Crossfire

Fear Factory - Linchpin

Nine Inch Nails - Happiness In Slavery

Rammstein - Du Riechst so Gut

Finntroll - Trollhammaren

Turisas - Stand Up and Fight!

Amon Amarth - Twilight of the Thunder God

Delain - We Are the Others