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Newhaven [Aug. 11th, 2015|01:25 pm]
Sunday 9 August: Newhaven

That day we set off to Newhaven to visit Iliona, Roy and baby Dorian...unfortunately the 2 hours journey turned into 4 hours but we eventually got there....off to the beach near their house to have a fab beach BBQ, catch up and lots of swimming...the water was lovely (well after initial shock) and the waves so much fun.
Pretty much spnet all day there and around 6pm we went to a lovely pub with beautiful sea view...the journey back was't too bad (apart from 1 lane only tunnel) . Such a lovely day...somehow just not really been to seaside this summer, there has been planty of lakes, polls and rivers swims but that was its first sea swim!!!!!!

 photo 11822730_10152890066971548_5340636767343530884_n_1.jpg photo 11822275_10152890075906548_7785241490215367482_n_1.jpg

 photo 11205061_10152890066861548_4377565531824376957_n_1.jpg
dorian liked my dragon
 photo 11265192_10152890077551548_5673009407110096125_n_1.jpg
look who got the toadstool table
 photo 11811371_10152890066771548_783029039148380693_n_1.jpg
 photo 11811512_10152890077426548_4124406047897472325_n_1.jpg
 photo 11817118_10152890077491548_4842907881111982172_n_1.jpg
 photo 11217979_10152890076206548_3323879684649153273_n_1.jpg
ready for fun :)

 photo 11825567_10152890075041548_4868843565597267816_n_1.jpg
 photo 11825790_10152890067266548_7510545185778922061_n_1.jpg

 photo 11825066_10152890067211548_3917183172915906665_n_1.jpg
 photo 11824929_10152890077621548_2388045859285397401_n_1.jpg
 photo 11826052_10152890077361548_2913679311447938698_n_1.jpg
 photo 11855778_10152890077681548_174322835802462281_n_1.jpg
 photo 11855650_10152890076481548_2241370411554375483_n_1.jpg