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Under the stairs [Aug. 11th, 2015|12:45 pm]
Post berlin been mostly about simon practicing, unpacking and catching up with stuff...for the first time i work from home during the tube strike...and spent evening painting under the stairs. Our plan for quirky black and white to match floor failed..apparently those sticky vinyl tile do not stick when upside down...so back to boring red paint instead ...
On the saturday we got up early and whislt simon return the useless vinyl tiles i played with new sander and painted all the shelves...finally invested in a saw...okay not quite the argos £10 one but does the trick :) we managed to find enough old shelves in the shed to cut and turn into new ones ..so all slowly taking place...of course that day was also simon gig so had to stop  to get ready for that so not quite finished project.

 photo 11024706_10152887541356548_6256403574301258139_n.jpg
 photo 11222239_10152887541451548_4791257581559349613_n.jpg
 photo 11828818_10152887541536548_3555179070728687508_n.jpg