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Mini Hat Making Workshop at Staff Conference - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Mini Hat Making Workshop at Staff Conference [Jul. 28th, 2015|12:10 pm]
Finally up to date with france...now mad dash to get up to date with London before heading off to Berlin on Thursday...

Tuesday 21 JUly: Work Staff conference...
when all the staff from all 18+ libraries get together...morning is various session on different topic. I did one of creating film for induvtions and on copyright (more music quizz) and in the afternoon with the help of Twinkle we were running one of the craft section. Mini Hat making....showing librarians how to make pretty little hats under 2 hours...

Also there was a selfie photo competition and i won runner up

 photo 11781774_10152851672816548_3755126075522869745_n.jpg

 photo 11695961_10152851672851548_5094090767403200481_n.jpg
 photo 11053691_10152851673281548_1755135892110122340_n.jpg

 photo 11745918_10152851673236548_1719288347070188168_n.jpg

 photo 11750711_10152851673021548_5543448615584726505_n.jpg
 photo 11755070_10152851672991548_7632390754975236803_n.jpg
 photo 11755642_10152851673201548_4754574375630138138_n.jpg

 photo 11698639_10152851673066548_5593227704102404459_n.jpg
I am runner up :)
 photo 11693979_10152851695936548_2291942651387639681_n.jpg