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Ferry Mayhem - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Ferry Mayhem [Jul. 2nd, 2015|12:40 pm]
 ARGRHHHHHH...Our ferries for next week trip top france have been cancelled...finally got through to them and they gone bust...ridiculous to just get an email saying your booking has been cancel...nothing else!!!!..that was yesterday fun :( :( :(

We were booked on MyFerryLInk the one in the news to do with all the strikes, problems, all the wbsite says cease to trade and all they do is one silly email and here a 5% discount to rebook elsewhere....

I had arrange to go swimming in Ladies pond afterwork and although tempting to cancel to do ferry booking  i def needed it so went to join everyone there ...blimey!!! I have been swimming in Hampstead Ladies pond for many many years, but i have never seen queues like that, round the block....still at least it moved quite fast whilst chattering with Georgie Robinson, Natasha Scharf, Alyson Brewer, Sorgina Ilargi, Silvia Pizzini, Delphine Oger. It was worth queuing as the water was delicious and it felt so good after such a stressful day. Also bumped into ex-colleague and saw a friend i hadn't seen in about 5 years

Back home and we managed to get another booking via DFDS (only one left really as P&O are not taking any atm and shuttle too expensive). Still leaving on same dates but going to Dunkirk instead of Calais (hopefully less mayhem) different times now catching a 2am ferry but i think it will work even better as it might be less chaos in Dover (finger crossed) and might be cooler to do nap stops for the long journey ahead... cost us a bit more but not too silly considering. Didn't use the silly discount as going via Aferry was a lot mosre costly and hardly any ferries left .

Crisis over for the moment