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Quiet weekend making things - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Quiet weekend making things [Jun. 29th, 2015|06:00 pm]
Weekend 27-28 June

Simon was off re-enacting, my plans was to join the Pride Parade and sunday the Pagan Parade, however due to a bit "too much wine" the night before and next to no sleep ...i ended up having a rare odd weekend at home...for once i  got to start and finish various projects.
Saturday was spent sewing in the garden...I made a PVC skirt and  transform a bit a top to make it shorter sleeves (adding lace) and gloves instead. Very please with skirt as never even sew PVC before...hopefully will test it at Antichirst on Friday.

On sunday as well as finally catching up on all the episode of hannibal serie 2, wayward pine and shields i made a new headdresswig...doesn't really come out on photos but that was one wig and 5  huir extensions sewn in...was trying to create  some side long bun...the idea is to dress it for some steampunk event... also finally cut fringe of many otehr wigs...gosh it took a lot of hoovering afterwards.

 photo test 002.jpg

 photo test 001.jpg

 photo test 005.jpg
 photo test 006.jpg
 photo test 007.jpg
 photo test 008.jpg
 photo test 010.jpg
 photo test 003.jpg
 photo test 012.jpg
 photo test 013.jpg
 photo test 014.jpg
 photo test 016.jpg