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Apex, Crypt Gallery [Jun. 29th, 2015|05:54 pm]
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Back to work that week, very busy with unpacking ,  driving class,  dentist , doctor but at least i also fitted my first Hampstead ladies Pond swim...it was glorious

Friday 26 June: APEX
We popped to the Crypt Gallery to see a show called Apex: it was really cool, predators added onto Ikea cityscape. Reallt interestinga nd i do love that venue. Followed by birthday dinner with Patricia and Gabriel.

The artist promises to “flood the space with landscapes of the city swamp and portraits of its rulers”.
This show is the culmination of a three year project for the artist. Browne masters a figurative symbolism opened to a variety of interpretations, not the least political. He says APEX is “conceptually focused on the ever present drivers of power, dominance and hierarchy. The series reflect on the still, primordial core held underneath the evolved urban crust”. Such world is revealed employing skyscrapers, crocodiles, suits, snakes. New York and London, the financial (and art) markets of the world, come under scrutiny.


 photo 11027519_10152808689296548_3707579885748244355_n.jpg

 photo 11055255_10152808689401548_7212643843119473632_n.jpg
 photo 10369727_10152808689716548_2429462981956465517_n.jpg

 photo 988550_10152808689336548_6433300204453589905_n.jpg
 photo 10422508_10152808689746548_7709496276331222161_n.jpg
 photo 10409633_10152808689516548_3382536299083628768_n.jpg
 photo 11403181_10152808689561548_4128171862242661922_n.jpg
 photo 11254104_10152808689686548_8013013001949958439_n.jpg
 photo 11193414_10152808689446548_683110653896079747_n.jpg
 photo 11231145_10152808689486548_6347288006410370720_n.jpg
 photo 11401526_10152808689651548_8157124896768189734_n.jpg
 photo 11659467_10152808689776548_7982205265248415645_n.jpg
 photo 11666302_10152808689601548_7844817345474000895_n.jpg
 photo 11665411_10152808689366548_1588234821900576076_n.jpg
 photo 11667356_10152808689806548_6209073123396746158_n.jpg