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Waterloo, Swedish Maypole dances & Inferno (Thursday) - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Waterloo, Swedish Maypole dances & Inferno (Thursday) [Jun. 29th, 2015|04:57 pm]
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Thursday 18 June: Waterloo, Swedish Maypole dances & Inferno

That morning still ebing a bit under the weather but glad the worst happen whilst still in hotel we joined everyone else at Waterloo. I only ever saw the allied camp but gosh that was big...i guess 5000 re-enactors is quite a sight...for once they even had a good number of portaloos shame no running water in or near them and walk all around the wall.

We had a wonderful view of the Lion Mount, the day was spent with drills, wandering , meeting one horrible politician, joining the swedish army for some maypole dancing then going to Inferno
To open the Waterloo Bicenterany there was a big explosive show of light , sound and fireworks. We were on the side and quite far so didn't quite see all the small details happening on stage (especially hearing it all from simon who was holding one of the flag on stage), but despite that and all the problems getting in and incidents it was quite something to see, especially loved the inflatable horses, the lion head and quite a firework show.

Camp life
 photo DSCN8960.jpg
 photo 3.jpg
 photo DSCN8962.jpg
 photo DSCN8963.jpg
 photo DSCN8965.jpg
 photo DSCN8967.jpg
 photo DSCN8968.jpg
meeting from australia
 photo DSCN8969.jpg
 photo DSCN8970.jpg
 photo DSCN8971.jpg
 photo DSCN8972.jpg

 photo DSCN8975.jpg
 photo DSCN8976.jpg
 photo DSCN8977.jpg
the more fancy tents
 photo DSCN8978.jpg
 photo DSCN8979.jpg
 photo DSCN8981.jpg
 photo DSCN8982.jpg
 photo DSCN8983.jpg
 photo DSCN8985.jpg
 photo DSCN8986.jpg
 photo DSCN8987.jpg
 photo DSCN8988.jpg
 photo DSCN8989.jpg
 photo DSCN8990.jpg
 photo DSCN8992.jpg

how to all the politician we had to bump into it had to be him :(
 photo DSCN8995.jpg
 photo DSCN8996.jpg
 photo DSCN8997.jpg
 photo DSCN8998.jpg
 photo DSCN8999.jpg
 photo DSCN9000.jpg
 photo 1.jpg
 photo DSCN9003.jpg
 photo 2.jpg
 photo 4.jpg
 photo DSCN9009.jpg

receiving our 44th medal
 photo DSCN9011.jpg
 photo DSCN9012.jpg
 photo DSCN9015.jpg
 photo DSCN9017.jpg
 photo DSCN9018.jpg
 photo DSCN9019.jpg
 photo DSCN9020.jpg
 photo DSCN9021.jpg
 photo 5.jpg
 photo DSCN9024.jpg
 photo DSCN9025.jpg

the best thing of the event for me was the swedish midsumer dance around the maypole...not being able to celebarte the solstice with the fairies this helped a bit :)
 photo DSCN9028.jpg

 photo 1545076_10153097643405805_1880368213594329301_n.jpg
 photo 10418974_10153097646110805_841510621838057748_n.jpg
 photo 11137160_10153097642210805_7307714135450022521_n.jpg
 photo 11402947_10153097641475805_656245492808995148_n.jpg
 photo 11215175_10153097643910805_6772981751062884203_n.jpg
 photo 11666032_10153097647115805_8141278614692019206_n.jpg

 photo DSCN9030.jpg
 photo DSCN9032.jpg
 photo DSCN9033.jpg
 photo DSCN9035.jpg
 photo DSCN9038.jpg

 photo DSCN9047.jpg

 photo DSCN9052.jpg

 photo DSCN9055_1.jpg

 photo 2_1.jpg

 photo DSCN9058.jpg

 photo 5_1.jpg

 photo 1_2.jpg

 photo DSCN9066.jpg

 photo 3_2.jpg

 photo DSCN9073_1.jpg
 photo DSCN9079_1.jpg

 photo DSCN9081_1.jpg

 photo DSCN9089_1.jpg

 photo DSCN9098_1.jpg

 photo DSCN9104_1.jpg

 photo DSCN9112_1.jpg

 photo 4_2.jpg