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The Belgium Museum of Freemasonry - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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The Belgium Museum of Freemasonry [Jun. 25th, 2015|05:11 pm]

Tuesday 16 June:  The Belgium Museum of Freemasonry

That morning we went to the Belgium Museum of Freemasonry, what a fantastic museum with great range of objects, decorations, posters, jewellery, chine and books from 18th century to today. Most amazing and rare to see where a great collection of "tapis de loge " not sure how to translate it...they were like canvas filled with imagery and symbols but they put on the floor. we were so tempted by one of the repro in the shop i wished we had been silly and bougth one now they were so nice and would have fit so nice at home with all the symbolic imageries and all the skulls. We pretty much had the whole museum to ourselves and they had an exhibition on Masonic Music...shame no photos allowed...so here a few from google

Sadly we were unable to visit the temples as they are on very speficic dates but i got some postcards and they look most unusual

 photo DSCN8762.jpg

 photo 7-0CBI7613 copy.jpg
 photo 2-0CBI7666 copy.jpg
 photo 8-0CBI7685 copy.jpg

the temples
 photo 550529_3.jpeg
 photo 39-2.jpg
 photo 39-3.jpg

 photo images.jpg
 photo musee_franc_maconnerie_Brussels.jpg
 photo MUSEE FRC MAC 019.jpg