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Alexandra Palace, Alt Bring & Buy , Aces & Eights and the Flask - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Alexandra Palace, Alt Bring & Buy , Aces & Eights and the Flask [Jun. 9th, 2015|01:43 pm]
Sunday 6th June

Sleepy head that morning with in bed at 4am and get up few hours later but Marcia cooked us amazing american pancakes and we then set off , it was a bit too late to attempt Highgate cemetery tour so instead we stopped en route at Alexandra Palace to make the most of the gorgeous weather (and only ever been there for gigs or photoshoot so never really explore the grounds ). Afterward we made our way to the Alternative Bring and Buy...always as fun as always for catching up with everybody and returned with lots of books and a cute dress.

Grabbed a big table to have pizzas with Aly, rob, Martin , amanda, Marcia and simon (also later joined by nigel) at the after party at Ace & eights...the pizzas are so yummy there and music so good but it was a tad too loud so after a few hours decided to move to the Flask in Highgate for teas and coffees and easier conversation...by then i was pretty dead to the world and pretty much crashed to sleep as soon as we got home....great weekend of friends and goth shopping

alexandra Palace (and wearing little dress bought day before )

 photo 11401450_10152774758301548_5206922504991421779_n.jpg

 photo 11401449_10152774758581548_6212923644270522572_n.jpg
 photo 11403213_10152774759061548_522931252623649942_n.jpg
 photo 11406926_10152774758871548_5175813649125057705_n.jpg
 photo 11406935_10152774758471548_2260651445047685318_n.jpg
 photo 11407232_10152774758666548_3768544774702763164_n.jpg

 photo 11067767_10152774759041548_7692832986978752916_n.jpg
 photo 11390399_10152774758391548_7961985874677738681_n.jpg
 photo 10626460_10152774758806548_5400162579589176018_n.jpg
 photo 11391111_10152774758536548_2483649682110066383_n.jpg
 photo 11391762_10152774758206548_4983192419715766923_n.jpg

Aces and Eights
 photo 11401079_10152775113411548_1923356553485235593_n.jpg