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A very social start of the month - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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A very social start of the month [Jun. 9th, 2015|01:26 pm]
Monday 1 June...we went to croydon to have dinner at Georgie
Wednesday 3 June...Damian and Arianne came for dinner and damian spent many hours helping me fix the new computer...just bought it and so full of viruses and crap...hopefully will run properly now...
Thursday 4 June Our guest Marcia arrived from germany , a late collection at Stanstead airport at 11pm but at least little traffic...late night...

Friday 5 June, one of those great day when the sun is shining, did a great class at 12 that help sort out my pulled harmstring, then met gigi for lunch in the sun...did a little library tour for her, then later in the afternoon Marcia join me at work and did another little tour. collected by steve at 4.30 and all made our way to wood green to have a little welcome to Marcia Party and test that new strawberry Pimms :)so nice to finally make proper us of the garden with friends....later steve left and amanda and martin arrived (after a terrible crawl on the road)

 photo 11649_10152772544766548_8677338454838084562_n.jpg
 photo 11401056_10152772041201548_679388556014784692_n.jpg
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