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sewing, beer , driving and eurovision - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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sewing, beer , driving and eurovision [May. 20th, 2015|01:01 pm]
Monday 18 May
Thet night was my last sewing class, she was trying to enrol us for next term...don't think so !! Still i made my first french seams and a dart. Then after the class i joined Fabrice for a few beers at Brew Dog and a good catch up. Fabulous to catch up with him and I cannot wait to go and check out his fabulous sounding Brewery La FAB'rique Montélimar when we visit in July

Tuesday 19 May...usual stressful not getting any better driving class , but at least soem light relief afterwards thanks to Jeff for letting simon, patricia, gabriel and I  invade his house to watch the start of another fun and silly eurovision week...the usual dose silly songs and routines, this year there is lots of bad white origami like outfits and jumpsuits but one fab gothic raven queen and even some punkyness .

Also last week i was very please as i managed to do 5 gym classes (3 boxing , 2 spin and 1 abs) so let's see if i can do it again this week...at least i am on track :)