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Uppark House and Garden - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Uppark House and Garden [Apr. 27th, 2015|01:25 pm]
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Sunday 26 Paril (part 2)

After dropping the dog home we went to Uppark House and Garden, a local NT
Uppark's Georgian interiors illustrate the comfort of life ‘upstairs’, in contrast with the grim ‘downstairs’ world of the servants. One of our collection highlights is one of the best examples of a 17th century doll's house in the country.
A bit annoying no photos allowed but quite incredible restoration as it was so badly destroyed in a fire in the 80's
the dolls house weer incredible.
a lovely way to end of weekend at Cheryl and dave.

 photo test 055.jpg

 photo test 049.jpg

 photo test 046.jpg

 photo test 045.jpg

 photo test 051.jpg

 photo test 052.jpg

 photo test 056.jpg

 photo 10494655_10152672691996548_5335816818540406426_n.jpg
 photo 10931188_10152672691831548_8818281707798554192_n.jpg
 photo 11140101_10152672692211548_5143000157930993682_n.jpg

 photo 11159560_10152672692061548_1049034844778727396_n.jpg

cool gothic "tent " in garden

 photo 11156183_10152672692101548_8931327868762479182_n.jpg

 photo test 059.jpg

 photo test 060.jpg

 photo test 062.jpg

inside via google images

 photo 2232F8392F49155_thumb_460x02C0.jpg
huge dolls house
 photo 7072F9252Fntpl_49167_thumb_460x02C0.jpg

 photo 159823.jpg

 photo P1180807.jpg

 photo showpic2.php.jpg

 photo 140217104.jpg

 photo upparkhouse-reddrawingroom46196geoffreyfrosh.jpeg

 photo uppark-droom.jpg