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Witchy Burley Village, Wild Ponies, Deers & the New Forest - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Witchy Burley Village, Wild Ponies, Deers & the New Forest [Apr. 27th, 2015|12:52 pm]
Saturday 15 April

Early start to drive to Cheryl and Dave in Funtingdon near chichester. Wonderful cottage filled with witches, victoriana, fairies, mermaids and straight out of Harry Potter set :)
That afternoon we went to Burley , somewhere always wanted to go for its witchy connection. Very little village with more quit a few witchcraft shops. Also known for wild ponies, cows and deers running free as in the new Forest...none in town sadly but just round the corner fields was full of deers.
we then went to a little forest walk and there we saw many ponies and cows rummaging about.

Lovely evening back at their cottage for some homemade bread, cheese, lots of sweet wines  and playing board games
 photo 11150187_10152670550086548_2621471373761610757_n.jpg

 photo test 001.jpg
first lunch in tea rooms
 photo test 002.jpg
just amusing
 photo test 003.jpg

shops full of witchy stuffs :)
 photo 15426_10152670531546548_6524460428283171445_n.jpg

 photo 11193277_10152670531106548_3030802345629547615_n.jpg

 photo 10403065_10152670527546548_7734095245207649625_n.jpg
 photo 10494655_10152670531676548_8753213671732120160_n.jpg

 photo 11056102_10152670530731548_3345438598816760770_n.jpg

 photo 11102791_10152670527446548_439551257501213678_n.jpg

 photo 11116591_10152670527656548_5100313345051077610_n.jpg

 photo 11065935_10152670531611548_7409809111330923987_n.jpg

 photo 11124552_10152670527251548_5107895742322279666_n.jpg

 photo 11182224_10152670527831548_1116901376739871517_n.jpg

 photo 11179961_10152670531431548_8677204461574707002_n.jpg

 photo 11150578_10152670531311548_8674162361422254575_n.jpg

 photo 11164049_10152670527191548_6067391553130742170_n.jpg

 photo 11159494_10152670530871548_4019891402626378304_n.jpg
 photo 11188237_10152670527726548_1051481676617658225_n.jpg

at edge of village and lots of deers

 photo 1978678_10152670535271548_3311036930191191990_n.jpg

 photo test 006.jpg
 photo test 005.jpg
 photo test 004.jpg

in the new forest wandering around
 photo test 007.jpg

 photo test 011.jpg

 photo 14674_10152670547616548_4496152859617252162_n.jpg

 photo 11167967_10152670540616548_2230411960921602103_n.jpg
 photo 11149543_10152670546496548_4644668493138231225_n.jpg

 photo 11182242_10152670546726548_4235394484415207107_n.jpg

 photo 10438502_10152670546611548_5099584195054949269_n.jpg
taking a few bits home to make a few things
 photo 11100351_10152670546651548_1416634998322975340_n.jpg
houses :)
 photo 11150981_10152670546761548_3359945020541194070_n.jpg

 photo 11162200_10152670546546548_1222696364695610820_n.jpg

 photo 11193250_10152670547741548_6905234173918328705_n.jpg

 photo 11193432_10152670546446548_6169231145806734616_n.jpg

 photo 10462372_10152670547976548_8376435658208104547_n.jpg

 photo test 017.jpg
ponies everywhere :)
 photo 10987508_10152670540331548_4773004490920271034_n.jpg

 photo 10996068_10152670540666548_7075720692279540792_n.jpg

back at Cheryl and dave
 photo test 020.jpg

 photo test 028.jpg

 photo test 031.jpg

 photo test 038.jpg

 photo test 039.jpg

 photo test 040.jpg

 photo test 044.jpg