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Brighton [Apr. 13th, 2015|12:31 pm]
Saturday 11 April: Brighton

After the long man we drove to Brighton for an afternoon of food sitting outside in the lane (it seems that everytime i go to Brighton i end up eating haloumi fish and chips), wandering around all the amazing shops and even had an unusual Parmesan and pear ice cream. A lovely day out and reminded me how awesome Brighton is :)

 photo 10989158_10152642375256548_6377253764979476207_n.jpg

 photo 10897982_10152642378336548_5764978771255217524_n.jpg

 photo 10389651_10152642374566548_30638616843120454_n.jpg

 photo 11058783_10152642374761548_2364739803963663222_n.jpg

 photo 10440819_10152642375076548_3506540346955944466_n.jpg

 photo 11079351_10152642378406548_2132693712407475938_n.jpg

 photo 11127815_10152642374651548_7606550564239055158_n.jpg

 photo 11146596_10152642375146548_6015353033151721451_n.jpg