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Easter part 1 : driving class, crouch end, dyi, Hocico , metal in Slime... - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Easter part 1 : driving class, crouch end, dyi, Hocico , metal in Slime... [Apr. 8th, 2015|06:00 pm]
Easter break...ended up being quite a busy one somehow...

Thursday ..pretty much spent the day shopping locally and getting all the bits in prep for all the dyi...also finally got frames for a few  of my birthday presents... then met with Nadia , Simon and Mel to go to a local veggie Indian restaurant in Turnpike Lane...great discovery absolutely delicious...especially the pumpkin paneer curry followed by drinks at ours

Finally started tackling removing the blinds and installing the new curtains...already looking so much nicer but still neeed to wair fort eh door one and net curtains before i can take nice photos ( those bits needed to test with rest up first)
In the afternoon I had  my first "refresher" driving class...well i survived, a very nice lady instructor but it is def not like riding a bike...nothing returned apart from being as stressful and so much stuff to remember as I remembered.
In the evening Georgie came for dinner, attempted new recipe and drank a few most deserved bottles of wine...and i won at ticket to ride :)

Car tyre changed whilst rummaging through all the Crouch end charity shops (some lovely tea and cake shops there too) . Popped to Garden centre but just too silly prices and instead went to Morrison and Wilko and got lots of plants and bits...2 shopping trolley of plants in morrison got some odd looks but cannot beat their £1 ivy and we had a nice voucher to use :) even got cute matching trees.
In the evening Slimelight was doing a  special Alternative Metal & Industrial Room. Not danced that much in Slimelight for many many years...Not so good was wasting an hour of good bouncing waiting for Hocico to finally come on stage ...but it was good to finally see them live.

 photo 17086_10152628958431548_3839084762884404015_n.jpg

 photo 11025738_10152628958351548_2671791526868195118_n.jpg

 photo 11096680_10152628960201548_6951211335105733259_n.jpg
 photo 11112582_10152628958471548_3806481455949080993_n.jpg
 photo 11126929_10152630404226548_3165306986065334435_n.jpg
 photo 18802_10152630404196548_2771298129822733279_n.jpg

 photo 11136656_10152628960306548_3087137159261272338_n.jpg

Prety much spent most of the day moving furniture out of the dressing room and landing in preparation for the carpet being installed
Been a bit like playing tretris with clothes rails in every other rooms. Also finally set up my new phone :)

of course had to be the busiest room now empty

 photo 21326_10152630508391548_1416871199141915405_n.jpg

 photo 11088233_10152630508336548_134454909958960037_n.jpg
and one very full box room.

We were hoping to go to gig that night but we were done for...
 photo 11130159_10152630508506548_3579193372301355410_n.jpg