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London Dungeon, Covent Garden and UCL Library - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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London Dungeon, Covent Garden and UCL Library [Mar. 26th, 2015|01:07 pm]
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Sunday 22 March: shopping, London Dungeon, Covent Garden and UCL Library

Morning was spent in Wood green shopping for veronique to bring back all those important souvenirs from baked beans to HP tshirts in Primark :)
In the afternoon we went to do London Dungeon, a good opportunity to grab a few big ben photos :)
The new one in waterloo is pretty much exactly the same as the old one just relocated...you know what's coming but still screamed :) I think i have done the dungeon so often with chloe  seemed all a bit dated now but love the ride at the end :)

Afterward we had a walk along thames, popped to Gordon Wine bar (just to see as just too busy and a gorgeous sunny day ), went to Covent Garden and walk around bloomsbury

Show veronique the uni quarter and took her to work...very odd to be there on a sunday night...so so busy in there too :)

 photo 11081222_10205417120079796_7305601039720556896_n.jpg

 photo 10649602_10205417120479806_4728725302767137569_n.jpg

Back to wood green for some indian food