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'Humanimals' @ Hoxton Gallery, Bridge Cafe, Skulls and Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosity - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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'Humanimals' @ Hoxton Gallery, Bridge Cafe, Skulls and Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosity [Mar. 26th, 2015|01:00 pm]
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Saturday 21 March: Hoxton Gallery, Bridge Cafe, Skulls and Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosity

Cool graffiti in Hoxton

 photo IMG_4690.jpg
 photo IMG_4691.jpg

Saturday we also popped to the Hoxton Gallery as it looked right up my alley...some of the artworks were very similar to pieces i have made on hat accessories or event that doll body part dress i did for the post apocalyptic ball many years back...Noe Kablin 'Humanimals'. https://www.facebook.com/HoxtonGallery?rf=338327522888304

 photo IMG_4692.jpg
 photo IMG_4693.jpg
 photo IMG_4694.jpg
 photo IMG_4695.jpg
 photo IMG_4696.jpg
 photo IMG_4697.jpg
 photo IMG_4698.jpg
 photo IMG_4699.jpg
 photo IMG_4700.jpg
 photo IMG_4701.jpg
 photo IMG_4702.jpg
 photo IMG_4703.jpg

Keeping on the subject of skulls and weird display...that tattoo places next to Hoxton Gallery had amazing skulls in the window...the all place full of very cool stuff (i am sure it was a shop selling amazing weird anamorphic stuff before)
 photo IMG_4704.jpg
 photo IMG_4705.jpg
 photo IMG_4706.jpg
 photo IMG_4707.jpg
 photo IMG_4708.jpg
 photo IMG_4709.jpg

Back to the Bridge Cafe because it is just so lush...just love it there...rococo mix 20's mix art deco mix velvet opulence :) http://www.greatlittleplace.com/p…/the-bridge-kingsland-road

 photo IMG_4710.jpg
 photo IMG_4711.jpg
 photo IMG_4713.jpg
 photo IMG_4715.jpg
 photo IMG_4716.jpg
 photo IMG_4717.jpg
 photo IMG_4718.jpg
 photo IMG_4719.jpg
 photo IMG_4720.jpg
 photo IMG_4721.jpg
 photo IMG_4722.jpg
 photo IMG_4724.jpg
 photo IMG_4725.jpg
 photo IMG_4726.jpg
 photo IMG_4729.jpg

Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosity
Third visit this year, but then i love taking visitors there and I always notice,discover something new there each visit. This time was also a bit different as we did it with a super cute lizard on our arm , had a drink by a top hat wearing lioness and as we were leaving a huge zebra unicorn got delivered to the bar
 photo IMG_4731.jpg
 photo IMG_4732.jpg
 photo IMG_4733.jpg
 photo IMG_4734.jpg
 photo IMG_4735.jpg
 photo IMG_4736.jpg
 photo IMG_4737.jpg
 photo IMG_4738.jpg
our little companion for thsi visit :)
 photo IMG_4739.jpg
 photo IMG_4740.jpg
 photo IMG_4741.jpg
 photo IMG_4742.jpg
 photo IMG_4743.jpg
 photo IMG_4744.jpg
 photo IMG_4745.jpg
 photo IMG_4747.jpg
 photo IMG_4748.jpg
 photo IMG_4754.jpg
 photo IMG_4756.jpg
 photo IMG_4757.jpg
 photo IMG_4758.jpg
 photo IMG_4759.jpg
 photo IMG_4760.jpg
 photo IMG_4761.jpg
 photo IMG_4762.jpg
 photo IMG_4763.jpg
 photo IMG_4764.jpg
 photo IMG_4765.jpg
 photo IMG_4767.jpg
 photo IMG_4768.jpg
 photo IMG_4769.jpg
 photo IMG_4771.jpg
 photo IMG_4772.jpg


[User Picture]From: hotfoot_jackson
2015-03-28 09:54 am (UTC)
Have visited now, but alas could not stay for the lizards. Thoroughly enjoyed it but my primary thought on leaving was "Hell of a place to dust...".
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: morbidfrog
2015-03-30 09:44 am (UTC)
i have the same problem with dust at home :)
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