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Globe Tour & Novelty Automations silliness :) - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Globe Tour & Novelty Automations silliness :) [Mar. 26th, 2015|12:41 pm]
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Saturday 21 March: Globe Tour & Novelty Automations

Saturday we did a tour of the Globe & exhibition. Although i have been to many plays there, i hadn't been to the exhibition space. Simon had never done the tour and Veronique never been. Learned lots of new facts, saw actors rehearsing, saw lots of pretty clothes but sadly unable to visit the indoor theatre as a play was on later so i still need to go there at some stage as it looks amazing all done by candles. Thanks to  Shauna for organising it for us.

 photo IMG_4610.jpg

 photo IMG_4614.jpg

 photo IMG_4617.jpg

 photo IMG_4619.jpg

 photo IMG_4620.jpg

 photo IMG_4622.jpg
not somewhere i usually seat as always get the £5 standing tickets
 photo IMG_4624.jpg

 photo IMG_4629.jpg

 photo IMG_4630.jpg

 photo IMG_4631.jpg

 photo IMG_4632.jpg

 photo IMG_4633.jpg

 photo IMG_4634.jpg

We then popped by the Tate Modern, wobbly bridge and St Paul for a few photo snaps
Lunch was at Cittie of York pub  in one of their little box space :)

 photo IMG_4635.jpg

 photo IMG_4636.jpg
Novelty Automation Arcade
This was so much silly fun, recently opened near Holborn an arcade/shop filled with weird wacky machines . From surreal to non PC so much fun. Things like cycling pong, armchair racing, is it art, autofrisk, pet or meat, divorce machine,instant weight loss, instant eclipse, photo booth...expect the unexpected. I think the photos is best way to drescribe :)

weightloss machine...i got food , explosion and shrikage :)
 photo IMG_4638.jpg

 photo IMG_4639.jpg
armchair racing..that was excellet silliness

 photo IMG_4687.jpg
 photo IMG_4640.jpg

 photo IMG_4641.jpg

 photo IMG_4642.jpg

 photo IMG_4647.jpg
frisking :)
 photo IMG_4648.jpg

 photo IMG_4650.jpg
put your feet there please :)
 photo IMG_4651.jpg
we tried but it was out of order :)
 photo IMG_4652.jpg
 photo IMG_4654.jpg
funny photo booth results :)
 photo IMG_4656.jpg
tested my ring ...
 photo IMG_4658.jpg
 photo IMG_4659.jpg

so non pc :)
 photo IMG_4661.jpg

 photo IMG_4663.jpg

 photo IMG_4668.jpg

cycle ping pong
 photo IMG_4669.jpg

money making scheme :)
 photo IMG_4676.jpg
 photo IMG_4677.jpg
 photo IMG_4678.jpg

at least one of us saw the eclipse :)
 photo IMG_4681.jpg
 photo IMG_4682.jpg

 photo IMG_4683.jpg
i had to have a go too :)
 photo IMG_4684.jpg

 photo IMG_4688.jpg