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Eclipse, Veronique and Die Kur Manifesto Gig - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Eclipse, Veronique and Die Kur Manifesto Gig [Mar. 26th, 2015|12:23 pm]
Friday 20 March: Eclipse and Die Kur Manifesto Gig

I had to dig out my old camera whilst mine being repaired so not the sharpest photos.

Failed eclipse
That was very underwhelming attempt at seeing the eclipse...london is just a grey sky today (even more cloudy than the last eclipse). In typical UCL network fashion even the screen went crashing then round and round thinking for most of it :)  thanks to facebook and friends at least saw lots of nice photos
 photo 603777_10152600696441548_5305577946086646119_n.jpg

After work collected veronique at eurostar ; dinner , quickly change then decided to go to Purple turtle for the Die Kur , Maxdmyz and Jerome gig,  couldn't get there early to catch the first two bands. It was a free events and a little occasion to go out and see a few friends.Excellent music afterward it was hard to leave but it been a long day for my traveler and early start the next day to start sightseeing.

a little makeover later :) a gothed up vero :)
 photo IMG_4572.jpg

 photo IMG_4573.jpg

 photo IMG_4576.jpg

 photo IMG_4577.jpg
 photo IMG_4578.jpg
 photo IMG_4580.jpg
 photo IMG_4588.jpg
 photo IMG_4590.jpg

 photo IMG_4593.jpg

 photo IMG_4595.jpg

 photo IMG_4597.jpg

 photo IMG_4598.jpg

Die Kur
 photo IMG_4605.jpg
 photo IMG_4606.jpg