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Gala Nocturna Outfits - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Gala Nocturna Outfits [Mar. 12th, 2015|05:25 pm]
Gala Nocturna Outfits

Few pics taken outside our hotel room (pink walls and pink dress)..trying to get some of the details has most of the plumes have now been removed and dismantles (they were mostly soem fo my shrugs and capes)
 photo 2.jpg

 photo test 219.jpg

 photo test 222.jpg

 photo test 225.jpg

 photo test 226.jpg

 photo test 227.jpg

 photo test 228.jpg

 photo test 229.jpg

 photo test 231.jpg

 photo test 232.jpg

 photo test 235.jpg