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Art Nouveau/Art Deco architecture, The Horta Museum & Museum of Fantasy - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Art Nouveau/Art Deco architecture, The Horta Museum & Museum of Fantasy [Mar. 12th, 2015|05:17 pm]
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Saturday 7 March

On Saturday Alyson had planned a little Art Nouveau/Art Deco route around some of the fantastic buildings dotted around Brussels (most are sadly closed to public apart from during their art nouveau biennale in October but I pinched a few google images) still even from outside whoa…must try and see some of those inside one day.

First we went to see Stoclet Palace, an Art Nouveau grand marble-clad home based on a series of cubic shapes., love to go inside has it has Klimt freeze mosaics and some amazing decors.

 photo test 118.jpg

 photo test 120.jpg
 photo test 121.jpg
 photo test 123.jpg

 photo test 125.jpg

 photo test 126.jpg

inside with klimt frieze
 photo stoclet 1.jpg

 photo stoclet 3.jpg

 photo stolet 4.jpg

 photo stoclet 2.jpg

Pretty placed en route

 photo test 130.jpg

 photo test 131.jpg

 photo test 132.jpg
 photo test 133.jpg
 photo test 135.jpg

Next was the Hôtel Solvay is a large Art Nouveau town house designed by Victor Horta , pretty windows, decor and elaborate ironwork. Even the numbers of the address (224) is lovely and curvy.

 photo test 138.jpg

 photo test 142.jpg

 photo test 143.jpg
 photo solvay.jpg

cool bins
 photo test 145.jpg

 photo test 148.jpg

Hotel Tassel

a town house built by Victor Horta It is generally considered as the first true Art Nouveau building, because of its highly innovative plan and its groundbreaking use of materials and decoration.

 photo test 149.jpg

 photo test 151.jpg
 photo test 152.jpg

 photo tassel 4 2.jpg

 photo tassel 1.jpg
 photo tassel 4.jpg

Hotel Ciamberlani

The Ciamberlani House, built by Paul Hankar in 1897, is one of the major Belgian Art Nouveau buildings.


 photo test 155.jpg

 photo test 156.jpg
 photo test 157.jpg

 photo test 158.jpg

 photo test 160.jpg

 photo test 161.jpg

 photo ciamberlani.big.jpg

 photo ciamberlani.jpg

Maison de Paul Hankar, n°71 rue Defacqz including cool bat and cat imagery

 photo test 164.jpg

 photo test 165.jpg

 photo test 167.jpg

 photo test 169.jpg
 photo test 170.jpg
 photo test 171.jpg
 photo test 172.jpg

 photo test 173.jpg

 photo test 174.jpg

n° 83 rue Faider (1900) by d'Albert Roosenboom (Horta student)

 photo test 179.jpg

 photo test 180.jpg

 photo test 182.jpg

 photo test 183.jpg

 photo test 184.jpg

pub stop and more pretty facades

 photo test 153.jpg

 photo test 177.jpg

 photo test 178.jpg

drinks and kniting

 photo test 187.jpg
 photo test 188.jpg
more pretty facades
 photo test 189.jpg
 photo test 191.jpg

Hannon hotel (photographic centre now) (big corner one ) sadly it was close for refurbishment…

 photo test 200.jpg

 photo test 201.jpg

 photo test 203.jpg


 photo hannon 2.jpg

 photo hannon 3.jpg

 photo hannon 1.jpg

Art Nouveau house « Les Hiboux » next door by Édouard Pelseneer ( 55 Brugmann avenue)

 photo test 197.jpg

 photo test 198.jpg

 photo test 204.jpg

Horta museum...that was just amazing ( a bit over the top on security no bags, coat, phone...) but whoaa so twirly inside

 photo test 192.jpg

 photo test 206.jpg

 photo horta 1.jpg
 photo horta 4.jpg

 photo horta 2.jpg

 photo horta 3.jpg

 photo horta 5.jpg

This museum of Fantastique Art i didn't even know existed...but it was hard to miss a dracula holding a flag (next to Horta museum)...only saw the entry room and looks like my kind of things...find all the details def one i will check out in June

 photo test 207.jpg

 photo test 208.jpg

 photo test 209.jpg

 photo test 210.jpg

 photo test 215.jpg


[User Picture]From: larissa_00
2015-03-13 08:38 am (UTC)
There are some beautiful staircases there :-)
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: morbidfrog
2015-03-13 08:46 am (UTC)
there are so many amazing art nouveau building there only cover a few . some are quite dotted around
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)