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Cocktail and Sushi - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Cocktail and Sushi [Feb. 23rd, 2015|05:46 pm]
Friday 20 February: Cocktail and Sushi

Very alcoholic afternoon with donna with few sake bottles in bento , passion fruit Martini in Japanese cocktail place ending in bar 55 for one of my fav ...lemon cheesecake martini ...and new discovery bounty martini and bubllegum shot. Somehow made it home and shall now collapse from sugar and alcohol on the sofa

 photo 1898082_10152545065991548_7172357956183758856_n.jpg
 photo 10426291_10152545065951548_8260625961800050707_n.jpg
 photo 10968410_10152545066061548_991978586579882450_n.jpg
 photo 10994943_10152545066011548_4536531021775230350_n.jpg