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rag skirt [Feb. 23rd, 2015|05:45 pm]
Friday 20 February: last minute sewing touch

Will have to add more bits at a later stage, it was silly to start it so last minute but got to wearable stage for tomorrow
Latest creation/invention for the surrey steampunk convivial. Officially the first time i made a skirt then tore it apart
No more time for sewing..time to get ready for an afternoon of Sushi, Sake and cocktails with Donna

 photo 14921_10152544587106548_9083349061861925077_n.jpg

 photo 19488_10152544586731548_7780638948206987642_n.jpg
 photo 1925170_10152544587496548_8607577335949013800_n.jpg
 photo 1530432_10152544586161548_2805478379616773414_n.jpg

 photo 10987620_10152544587481548_6327572578240735883_n.jpg