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Cards against Humanity, Living History Fair & Reptile - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Cards against Humanity, Living History Fair & Reptile [Feb. 16th, 2015|12:15 pm]
Friday 13 February: Cards against Humanity

After work we popped to Nadia to feed her cats, then to Aly and Rob for pudding, chat and also tested Cards against Humanities. Quite fun, it is a sillier , more current, surreal  and rude version of Apples to Apples :)

Saturday 14 February: Living History Fair

Started with red roses and cards, then we made our way to Huntingdon for the Living History Fair, the stalls we wanted were sadly not there but what a lovely day as we bumped into most of simon regiment and lots of friends . Also got bits of fabrics, lots of cheesy historical romances and a little strippey garment for simon and I to share from jenny. Also various plotting for upcoming waterloo updates.

purchase from jenny
 photo test001.jpg

got home about 6pm, quiick dinner and get change before heading out to Reptile.
I had such a good evening, i so needed a good dance ( cannot go to the next few :() and lots of friends were there...

 photo test030.jpg

decided to match being valentine :)
 photo test009.jpg

 photo test014.jpg

 photo test022.jpg

cat posing action
 photo test027.jpg
 photo test029.jpg

 photo test032.jpg

 photo test036.jpg
 photo test037.jpg

at club..so busy dancing didn't take as many as i would like
 photo test038.jpg

 photo test039.jpg

 photo test040.jpg

 photo test041.jpg

 photo test045.jpg
 photo test047.jpg
 photo test051.jpg
 photo test052.jpg

 photo test055.jpg
 photo test056.jpg
 photo test058.jpg
 photo test060.jpg

it was also sarah birthday
 photo test062.jpg

Sunday 15 February

All this dancing and hanging outside chatting even after we left club equated to quite a late night and finally surfaced from bed at 2pm...simon went to feed nadia cat whilst i went on with my faery ball skirt...which is more or less there...

 photo test064.jpg