MorbidFrog (morbidfrog) wrote,

The Mechanicals: Exhibition, Making, Wine and Music Night at Wilton Music Hall

Thursday 12 February

What a fantastic event, a perfect excuse to pop to Wilton again and make things. We had so much fun and makes me realise how much i miss making creative stuff with friends....(oddly enough been looking for something like that to do on my birthday but not much luck yet)
An evening of mechanical invention and automata fun with Fire the Inventor at Wilton Music Hall .

 photo test117.jpg

What a perfect setting for it
 photo test002.jpg
 photo test006.jpg
 photo test008.jpg

Some of the cute automatons on show at give us inspiration...super cute anubis doing press up, riding camels...scissor cutting head action and poisoned milk

 photo test009.jpg

 photo test012.jpg

 photo test013.jpg

 photo test014.jpg
head off
 photo test019.jpg
 photo test021.jpg
 photo test022.jpg
 photo test024.jpg
 photo test025.jpg

 photo test028.jpg

and dead
 photo test029.jpg

Team Goth Automaton construction in progress

 photo test026.jpg

 photo test030.jpg

 photo test033.jpg

 photo test038.jpg

 photo test040.jpg

 photo test044.jpg

 photo test045.jpg

 photo test053.jpg

 photo test054.jpg

 photo test056.jpg
moving :)
 photo test065.jpg

simon shrug :) one of his 3 creations that night  even on art he has to add words :)
 photo test067.jpg
 photo test071.jpg

My eyeball wobble and dance round and up and down, what can be done with cardboard, chopstick, pegs , fluffs, and whatever else was available
 photo test072.jpg

 photo test073.jpg

 photo test058.jpg
 photo test060.jpg

 photo test104.jpg
rob bee and flower
 photo test081.jpg
aly magic roundebout
 photo test083.jpg

our messy table of creativity
 photo test103.jpg

The piece de resistance made of doll parts, xmas toys, flower and many other surreal combination...a super long moving creation everyone participated in making and IT WORKED

 photo test090.jpg
 photo test091.jpg
 photo test092.jpg
 photo test094.jpg

 photo test099.jpg

 photo test101.jpg

what a great evening of silliness and art

 photo test112.jpg
 photo test115.jpg
 photo test116.jpg


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