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"Can You See Your Shadow?" - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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"Can You See Your Shadow?" [Feb. 3rd, 2015|01:10 pm]

Sunday 1st February

Morning spent sewing and doing odd repairs round the house ( a few trips to screw fix for simon to get right size pipe)

In the afternoon we went to a most wonderful event "Can You See Your Shadow?" gig at a wonderful little venue that I never knew existed, I'Klectic Gallery near Lambeth Palace
Jo Quail opened up the afternoon, followed by three bands I hadn't see before: Autorotation, Madam and Raf and O.
Watching sipping tea in comfy sofas surrounded by friends and great music..i want more sundays like that please :)

Afterward we found a fab cheap and super yummy noodle bar by the tube station to end a great night.

 photo test056.jpg

 photo test053.jpg

 photo test054.jpg

jo quail  and teapots :)
 photo test058.jpg

 photo test060.jpg

 photo test061.jpg

 photo test066.jpg
alan presiding the event :)
 photo test070.jpg

 photo test078.jpg

 photo test080.jpg

 photo test085.jpg

 photo test086.jpg

 photo test087.jpg
 photo test088.jpg

 photo test090.jpg
saw playing
 photo test094.jpg

 photo test095.jpg
Raf and O
 photo test098-1.jpg

 photo test099.jpg

 photo test112.jpg