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DIY and painting weekend - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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DIY and painting weekend [Jan. 20th, 2015|12:51 pm]
17-18 January

Simon didn't really fancy Reptile :( and as we had quite a long lie in and lots to do...decided to stay in and get lots done instead, my Gala Nocturna headdress wig and dress pretty much there and i have been painting ...a few less horrible white doors bite the dust. Starting with the corridor door finally painted ...so much nicer

 photo test031.jpg

 photo test032.jpg

 photo test070.jpg

The ugly pine sink cabinet and white inside door to bathroom also finally got a makeover...so much more in synch to rest of the bathroom...just awaiting on some little bat stickers to complete it all

 photo test030.jpg
why did i wait so long to paint it black...
 photo test052.jpg

 photo test054.jpg

started to attack ceiling too :)
 photo test058.jpg

 photo test059.jpg

 photo test060.jpg

 photo test064.jpg

 photo test065.jpg

 photo test066.jpg

 photo test068.jpg

 photo test069.jpg

Bali souvenirs also finally got added...a few dangling new creatures...mermaids, frogs, dragon, garuda, bat...

 photo test034.jpg

 photo test035.jpg

 photo test036.jpg

 photo test037.jpg
and british library poster too
 photo test038.jpg

A few more Bali souvenirs added and framed. I especially like our new dragon bust and the skull door handle.

 photo test040.jpg

 photo test045.jpg

 photo test047.jpg

new dragon and gargoyle also got painted black...much better i can see them now and match the door frame

 photo test072.jpg

 photo test074.jpg