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Latest [Jan. 9th, 2015|12:30 pm]
OUr second luggage has finally been located ...awaiting a call to know when it migth be delivered :) ...it might be smally scary in there as we packed all our wet swimming stuff  last saturday...and who know how many trips thoses cases have done around the world.
Let's hope not too much damage in all the souvenirs...only had 3 breaking in mine but reparable i think.

Yesterday finally faces the dis-chrimassing of the house...only open many xmas card on sunday so wanted at least a few more days of them to do them justice...gosh living room looks large again but really need to get hoovering...all the glitter, bits of deco and 4 weeks of cat hair.
I am finally up to date on FB with all bali post, i am nearly done turning and resizing and posting all the photos on photobucket so i should be able to get started on here soon.

Having had wifi access in all hotels made it so nice not to return to exploding emails and posting photos as i went along but i just couldn't get access to LJ as the app no longer work.
On the 3rd week my phone also died..the battery kind of melted /changed shape...all change, phone all reset and nicely working again..even managed to removed my furst ever threat on it...well after many swearing at damn phone so hopefully it will last until my contract over.

Just before departing we had a leak in the roof, this is still a big dark cliud over our heads but we have 2 set of guys coming on tuesday to have a look...then will see the scary result....

Body still a bit out of sort, sleeping pattern pretty much back to normal but i so do miss my daily swims...simon off to play with guns and Sean Bean this weekend (no way i am freezing in a fort all weekend) and i have many birthday...will be weird to wear make up after over a month of not touching anything but horrible suncream.....so tanned i might need a lot of powder to cover it :)

[User Picture]From: djpsyche
2015-01-09 01:01 pm (UTC)
Ah go on, start the "Tanned Goth" look, I bet you could totally rock it! :)
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[User Picture]From: morbidfrog
2015-01-09 01:20 pm (UTC)
i blame the south of france mediteranean skin...as soon as it sees the sun gets brown :( the only positive i get lots of freckles which i really like :) if only i could have white doll skin and freckles
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[User Picture]From: zenithed
2015-01-09 02:23 pm (UTC)
Hurray! Glad the luggage turned up in the end.
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