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Inkubus Sukkubus 25 years anniversary gig - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Inkubus Sukkubus 25 years anniversary gig [Dec. 14th, 2014|02:40 pm]

My last London based going out day for 2014, popped by Tapping the Admiral pub to help Paul celebrate his 50th, then made my way to Slimelight for Inkubus Sukkubus 25 years anniversary gig...Perfect xmas present for me, 2 Inkkies gigs one acoustic and one electronic...had a great time catching up with everyone. Received the sad news that Reptile was cancelled so stayed into Slimelight till the inkkies left (about 2.30am i think). Thanks to Alan for a lift back to find a cold ridden simon back from his 44th party in Kent and a disappointed Audrey (Reptile was going to be her catch up with everyone before returning to Japan and birthday celebration) . My new camera really rubbish at gig so a few pictures from last night

 photo DSCN2860.jpg

 photo DSCN2844.jpg

 photo DSCN2849.jpg

 photo DSCN2859.jpg

 photo DSCN2861.jpg

 photo DSCN2862.jpg

 photo DSCN2863.jpg

 photo DSCN2874.jpg

 photo DSCN2888.jpg

 photo DSCN2897.jpg

 photo DSCN2903.jpg

 photo DSCN2904.jpg

 photo DSCN2906.jpg