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Bento & Winter Wonderland - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Bento & Winter Wonderland [Dec. 8th, 2014|12:23 pm]

Thursday 4 december: Bento & Winter Wonderland

Second visit to winter Wonderland, this week a lot colder and wetter, but Audrey wanted to go along and a good way for her to catch up on a few more friends.
First i finished work early and went to dinner in bento with Gigi , like we always used to :)
Met up with friends at the same bar as the week before and went on a little walk, this time we did a few more rides (well just 3 as just too pricey to do more :() ....Ski Jump is my new fav ( it has the best upside down view of WW), back on air again and i also made everyone tried the old fashion barrel one which is just plain weird.

 photo test047.jpg

air :)
 photo test002.jpg

 photo test003.jpg
 photo test012.jpg

 photo test015.jpg

 photo test016.jpg

 photo test020.jpg

inside the barrell

 photo test024.jpg

 photo test025.jpg

 photo test027.jpg
cheesey pretzel
 photo test035.jpg
ski jump :)
 photo test036.jpg

 photo test042.jpg

 photo 10259978_10153009391195984_4411444452702273845_n.jpg