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Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities and tea with reptiles - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities and tea with reptiles [Nov. 24th, 2014|05:52 pm]

Sunday 23 November

Cooked a full English breakfast to our guests ( I could never run a B&B), it was hard to get motivated with the awful weather but we finally headed out to the East end.
First stop was Denis Severs house, I love it but I have visited it about 5 times so we let our guest enjoy the experience whilst we popped by Spitafield Market (as always too many nice things and ended up with a new hat and simon with gas mask ring and some very wacky sunglasses) I do like that market small but always full of quirky and independent sellers.

Collected our visitors, did another lap of the market this time for them to be tempted…next we attempted to go and have coffee at the Bridge Cafe for some Rococco goodness but sadly it was closed (not sure why) , so went onto our next destination Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities. I love this place so much and it has recently been redesigned.

The Viktor Wynd's Little Shop of Horrors has now become a bar/cafe and downstairs "museum" just has even more stuff…love it full of weird dolls, taxidermy, skeletons, Sebastian Horsley stuff, Tessa farmer art work, a definite new addition is a coffin table where I sat opposite a lion in a hat and underneath a mermaid….i want my house to look like that one day . As fab and eclectic as always
Tea upstairs was also an experience as the next table had some reptiles to meet and pat…so we had tea with snakes around our necks, chameleon on the flower display and the best the cutest bullfrog trying to escape :)
Back home around 4ish for light lunch before our guests left for their long drive home…and for me to beat Simon twice at Carcassonne .

Today i had tea with a lion in a hat under a mermaid

 photo test081.jpg photo test122.jpg

tea with reptiles and frogs and stuffed ones too
 photo 10405445_10152368078766548_603551205870656528_n.jpg photo test177.jpg

 photo test084.jpg
 photo test085.jpg
 photo test086.jpg
 photo test087.jpg
 photo test088.jpg
 photo test089.jpg
 photo test090.jpg
 photo test091.jpg
 photo test095.jpg
 photo test096.jpg
 photo test097.jpg
 photo test098.jpg
 photo test099.jpg
 photo test105.jpg
 photo test106.jpg
 photo test107.jpg
 photo test112.jpg
 photo test113.jpg
 photo test114.jpg
 photo test121.jpg

 photo test123.jpg

 photo test127.jpg
 photo test130.jpg
 photo test132.jpg
 photo test135.jpg
 photo test136.jpg
 photo test137.jpg
 photo test138.jpg
 photo test141.jpg
 photo test142.jpg
 photo test145.jpg
 photo test148.jpg
 photo test149.jpg
 photo test156.jpg
 photo test159.jpg
 photo test160.jpg
 photo test163.jpg
 photo test166.jpg

tea with creatures upstairs
 photo test168.jpg

 photo test169.jpg

 photo test170.jpg
 photo test171.jpg
 photo test173.jpg
 photo test175.jpg
 photo test176.jpg

 photo 14348_10152368078846548_6247979581724488410_n.jpg

 photo 10422263_10152368078821548_3924495028515307777_n.jpg

new hat
 photo 1383340_10152367964631548_7372398253099355474_n.jpg