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Omnia at Garage - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Omnia at Garage [Nov. 14th, 2014|12:15 pm]
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Thursday 13 November

Omnia were fantastic last night, so nice to see them in a more intimate venue than the usual festival stages, being at the Garage (not see a queue like this outside the garage in a few years).
No support band meant we got a 2 hours set which was just awesome and a chance to chat to them and get photos and cd signed ).
I am glad i for once remembered to bring their last album with me this time).
Despite being plagues with flu they did a blinding show...my head still internally singing along...over the years they really have become one of my favorite bands and def one i listen to the most :)
Shame they never seemed to played Wytches' brew or Love in the forest live but I am still smiling for it all and great to see so many friends that came from around all the country corners for it.

 photo test064.jpg

Grinning photos with the band
 photo test084.jpg photo test085.jpg

 photo test087.jpg

 photo test028.jpg

 photo test034.jpg

 photo test035.jpg

 photo test043.jpg

 photo test046.jpg

 photo test053.jpg

 photo test073.jpg

 photo test077.jpg

 photo test079.jpg

 photo test080.jpg

 photo test082.jpg

 photo test083.jpg

 photo test088.jpg

 photo test090.jpg