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Halloween at British Library - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Halloween at British Library [Nov. 4th, 2014|05:39 pm]
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Friday 31 October

I decided it was going to be a full weekend so took the day off to have a long lie in :)
Got to british Library at 6m and little by little was joined by lots of friends Natasha new book The Art of Gothic was being launch and she also did a little talk.

The "sorting event" itself was a bit confusing , not really sure what was happening. A great entry following a coffin, some live music and burlesque act but mostly actors wandering around and deadly sins rooms to visit. However by the time we queued at bar and saw the exhibition all were closed.

The exhibition Terror and Wonder : The Gothic Imagination is really worth a visit , lots of beautiful books and otehr printed materials, although will def need another visit to take it all in being  very book based show.

The only time of the year i can take a tube at 5pm dress like this and nobody  says  anything stupid r hassle you :) i love halloween...

 photo DSCN1849.jpg photo DSCN1850.jpg

 photo DSCN1798.jpg

 photo DSCN1805.jpg

 photo DSCN1806.jpg

 photo DSCN1807.jpg

 photo 3.jpg

 photo DSCN1810.jpg

 photo DSCN1811.jpg

 photo DSCN1812.jpg

 photo DSCN1822.jpg

 photo DSCN1824.jpg

 photo DSCN1827.jpg

 photo DSCN1830.jpg

 photo DSCN1831.jpg

 photo DSCN1840.jpg

 photo DSCN1841.jpg

 photo DSCN1845.jpg

 photo DSCN1847.jpg

 photo DSCN1851.jpg

 photo DSCN1852.jpg

 photo DSCN1854.jpg

 photo DSCN1866.jpg

 photo DSCN1867.jpg

 photo DSCN1868.jpg