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Fairies in Alexandra Palace - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Fairies in Alexandra Palace [Oct. 23rd, 2014|05:46 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Saturday 18th October

Still filled with nightnurse I made it to an organised photoshoot for Twinkle wings… at least it was at the 5 min drive Alexandra Palace  so did best I could for a few hours and it was lovely to see Yolande, Howard , Zac and the new twins we hadn’t seen yet. Also Katarina popped round to get all dressed up.

Got soon tired and returned home to spend the rest of the day in bed…sadly also missing the talk on Demonic cats that night…at least my tickets went to a good home…simon date for the night patricia

 photo 10173677_10204094873504923_113535976726614693_n.jpg

 photo 10622845_10204094875384970_2414130207122110591_n.jpg

 photo 10435743_10204094620618601_7096651407604552242_n.jpg

 photo 10502061_10204094628898808_1895929716111110267_n.jpg

 photo 10609536_10204094620818606_6557203075413404440_n.jpg

 photo 10708532_10204094817063512_2298131561452008261_o.jpg

 photo 10155010_10204094858504548_5558648973672584898_n.jpg

 photo 10580030_10204094822023636_8383911962911195644_n.jpg

 photo 10354954_10204094837304018_2538021873494345652_n.jpg

 photo 10516815_10204094852984410_7673861724719146499_n.jpg

 photo 1382142_10204094622218641_7709286268503970230_n.jpg

 photo 10455805_10204094644979210_1254713140325779584_n.jpg

 photo 1461565_10204094633698928_4145300431445590379_n.jpg

 photo 10689930_10204094623738679_8476079225738619395_n.jpg

 photo 10686988_10204094861704628_1252666133268640739_n.jpg

 photo 10649887_10204094884065187_3799577888613712204_n.jpg

 photo 10672344_10204094636739004_7862989263539703946_n.jpg
 photo 10734039_10204094860704603_3814110858084226074_n.jpg