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The Limnerslease House - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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The Limnerslease House [Sep. 30th, 2014|05:27 pm]
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Saturday 27 September: The Limnerslease House
Thank to Alyson for organising this little group outing we all met at the Watts Gallery for a lovely day of Art & visits.
We left that morning with a full car (Nadia, smaff and Paul)
It started with The Limnerslease House, we had our own little tour booked and a great guide telling us about Watts life, wifes and the history of the house. There is a big project for it and we must return in 2 years time when the studio will be refurbished to its formal beauty.
The house was fantastic , especially the ceiling home made by Mary and filled with all sort of symbolisms and religions.

 photo 10665064_10152263155861548_6038999891195651622_n.jpg photo 10689930_10152262980296548_652892394890961603_n.jpg

Little outfit put together for the day
 photo 10672245_10152262979926548_4500918718799280227_n.jpg

 photo 1743534_10152262980056548_1612031871730203476_n.jpg

The house

 photo test040.jpg

 photo test042.jpg
amazing fireplace
 photo test043.jpg

 photo test045.jpg
crazy ceiling...just fab
 photo test050.jpg

 photo test053.jpg

 photo test054.jpg

 photo test055.jpg
best sliding carved doors
 photo test058.jpg

 photo test060.jpg

 photo test063.jpg

 photo test064.jpg

 photo test067.jpg

 photo test070.jpg

 photo test076.jpg

 photo test077.jpg

 photo test079.jpg

 photo test083.jpg

 photo test084.jpg