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Cogglesford Water Mill - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Cogglesford Water Mill [Sep. 17th, 2014|05:48 pm]

Sunday 14 September: Cogglesford Water Mill

Journey back from Sleaford , first stop was a near by Water Mill and got some yummy bread made from its flour . It was also Heritage day so all was free.
We got there a bit too early so went to have a walk alomg the river.

 photo 10636077_10152242071931548_2789032148601348803_n.jpg

 photo 02.jpg

 photo P9140152.jpg

 photo 01-1.jpg

 photo P9140156.jpg
 photo P9140159.jpg

odd art
 photo P9140161.jpg
 photo P9140163.jpg
 photo P9140164.jpg

the mill inside
 photo P9140167.jpg
 photo P9140168.jpg
 photo P9140169.jpg
 photo P9140171.jpg
 photo P9140172.jpg
 photo P9140177.jpg