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Lincoln Asylum Steampunk Festival - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Lincoln Asylum Steampunk Festival [Sep. 17th, 2014|05:40 pm]
Saturday 13 September :Asylum Steampunk Festival

Due to undecision about returning or not this year, in the end we decided just to pop there for the day  instead (and stay in a much cheaper travelodge outside lincoln).
It was odd to do it for the day but nice to see everyone again, although a bit rushed to fit everyone and everything (as it grows bigger each year) and between the catching up with friends and markets ...failed at doing any talks and much  events.
Also this was the first year ever (and this was our 6th one) that we didn't go to the Ball but the last few were very disapointing so instead had a fun night  drinking at Tash and john, followed by thain restaurant and amoretto beer at the Victoria.

I had a new camera which was a bit complicated and confusing, so most photos were blurry and didn't catch many outfits . Still it had a fun dramatic and soft button i rather enjoyed .
 photo 0.jpg photo P9130082.jpg

cute dog simon wanted to adopt :)
 photo P9130005.jpg

 photo P9130007.jpg

 photo P9130010.jpg

 photo P9130011.jpg

 photo P9130014.jpg
trying catch good one of latest hat creation
 photo P9130015.jpg

 photo P9130017.jpg

 photo P9130018.jpg

 photo P9130019.jpg
flying pig
 photo P9130023.jpg

 photo P9130024.jpg

 photo P9130026.jpg

 photo P9130027.jpg

 photo P9130030.jpg

 photo P9130033.jpg

 photo P9130034.jpg

 photo P9130035.jpg

 photo P9130036.jpg

 photo P9130042.jpg

 photo P9130047.jpg

 photo P9130048.jpg

 photo P9130050.jpg

 photo P9130052.jpg

 photo P9130054.jpg

 photo P9130070.jpg

 photo 01.jpg

 photo P9130073.jpg

 photo P9130077.jpg

 photo P9130078.jpg

 photo P9130080.jpg

 photo P9130083.jpg

 photo P9130084.jpg

 photo P9130086.jpg

 photo P9130088.jpg

 photo P9130091.jpg

 photo P9130093.jpg

 photo P9130095.jpg

 photo P9130097.jpg

 photo P9130098.jpg

 photo P9130101.jpg
 photo P9130103.jpg
 photo P9130104.jpg
 photo P9130111.jpg
 photo P9130126.jpg
 photo P9130127.jpg
 photo P9130129.jpg
 photo P9130135.jpg
 photo P9130139.jpg
 photo P9130140.jpg
 photo P9130141.jpg
 photo P9130142.jpg
 photo P9130143.jpg
 photo P9130144.jpg
 photo P9130148.jpg

 photo 10703903_10154594885760384_812480059860652488_n.jpg
 photo 10665246_10152240480331548_391003336593125027_n.jpg


[User Picture]From: djpsyche
2014-09-17 09:08 pm (UTC)
I like the dramatic and soft button effect!
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[User Picture]From: morbidfrog
2014-09-18 07:46 am (UTC)
the only 2 function i seemed to managed to work on there. the auto kept getting out of focus. spent my time turning it on and off. Cracked screen so sent back to amazon..need to think a bit more on replacement not sure that one was for me
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