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Last Serpentine swim :( - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Last Serpentine swim :( [Sep. 17th, 2014|05:27 pm]
Friday 12 September

My back still giving me problem and doing a class on Thursday did not help..i could hardly move so decided a swim would be the best remedy . Aly and I booked the afternoon off so we could swim in serpentine one more time ( now only open for early morning).
It was rather glorious and to the noise of the prom rehearsing.

Quick dash home, hump on bus and at 6pm aly and rob collected us in Edware to make our way up north...Sleaford travelodge to be exact.

 photo 10672235_10152742386193179_2447173547339855578_n.jpg