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latest hat creations [Sep. 8th, 2014|12:12 pm]
Saturday 6th September

Slight change of plan, I didn't feel like venturing out after all yesterday fun excesses so instead put together an outfit for the Asylum next week... Made a new hat for it (although the TV lost its central decoration for a while)

 photo 1384222_10152229736521548_329615866612829825_n.jpg

 photo 10477443_10152229737106548_591175281274793427_n.jpg

 photo 10406522_10152229736986548_2835758418571541073_n.jpg

 photo 10687122_10152229737006548_2378985155916233496_n.jpg

in the usual re-mashing of old creations...the doll spats i made a while back have now become skirt deco and the octopus spats work a lot better as jacket deco ...

 photo 10636044_10152229953946548_4825284479011016140_n.jpg photo 10689933_10152229954721548_1304686134067257755_n.jpg

 photo 10612780_10152229954646548_5919741288568761917_n.jpg photo 10593004_10152229954876548_8705581493076643751_n.jpg

 photo 10390082_10152229954686548_8178604273353752787_n.jpg