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The Royal Over-Seas League, The Reform, The Athenaeum, The East India & the In and Out Club - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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The Royal Over-Seas League, The Reform, The Athenaeum, The East India & the In and Out Club [Aug. 27th, 2014|05:32 pm]
Thursday 21 August: a very Fancy posh pub crawl
Fantastic evening thanks to Mina and her magic membership card for allowing us access in lots of fancy private clubs around Pall Mall. We had a drink at The Royal Over-Seas League , The Reform Club, The Athenaeum club, The East India Club and finished the night at the In and Out Club.

The photos are a bit blurry and dark as they were sneaky ones when the rooms where emptied of members, also my camera is on its last leg i fear (the pimms soak incident didn't help it's already aging nature last week)

The Royal Over-seas League...(too busy to take some inside but i cheated and added some google ones too to illustrate). Love the staircase, this wasn't a planned visit but we were so cold from eating in the park so perfect to have tea near by green park. http://www.rosl.org.uk/

 photo test003.jpg photo 231321_0.jpg
 photo 33.jpg photo Lounge-roc-london.jpg
 photo 29.jpg photo hall.jpg

The Reform Club, as amazing as i remembered from my tour, few years back, one of my favorite decor wise. Very grand and we had a little wonder around the rooms not in use, it was also quite quiet so ended up having one the the bar/drawing room for ourselves. http://www.reformclub.com/

 photo downton-abbey-highclere-castle-05-lg.jpg photo home_long.jpg
 photo test006.jpg photo test008.jpg

 photo test009.jpg photo test010.jpg photo test011.jpg
 photo test012.jpg photo test013.jpg
 photo test015.jpg
 photo test017.jpg photo test018.jpg
 photo test020.jpg

The Athenaeum Club, another lovely one, they were so nice to us and a very nice atmosphere, we pretty much had the yellow drawing room to ourselves. Only saw one of the library room was open but what a room with a metal balustrade and looking online the rest of the library rooms are quite something too. A great old fashion wood panel mirror lift too ...http://www.athenaeumclub.co.uk/

 photo test041.jpg photo athenaeu_86oj.jpg
 photo 38kh.jpg
 photo test023.jpg photo test024.jpg
 photo test025.jpg photo test026.jpg
 photo test027.jpg photo test028.jpg
 photo test029.jpg
 photo test030.jpg
the libraries
 photo test031.jpg photo dhem.jpg
 photo test032.jpg photo test033.jpg
 photo test034.jpg photo test035.jpg
 photo test037.jpg
 photo test038.jpg

The East India Club, this one was of even more interest to Simon as it had a Waterloo room and the library had lots of books on colonial and military history. Very cheap bar prices, a pleased  Alyson with a under £3 gin&tonic and i had my tea in very fancy china pot

 photo test042.jpg
 photo test043.jpg
 photo test044.jpg photo test046.jpg
 photo test045.jpg

 photo test047.jpg
 photo test048.jpg photo test049.jpg

 photo test050.jpg
 photo eastindia2.jpg

 photo eastindia.jpg
 photo test051.jpg

Lastly for one final nightcap we visited the In and Out Club (Naval and Military Club) http://www.navalandmilitaryclub.co.uk/

 photo test053.jpg
 photo test054.jpg
 photo test055.jpg
 photo test056.jpg
 photo test059.jpg

 photo inout2.jpg