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Modeling a Bespoke Victorian Wedding Dress - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Modeling a Bespoke Victorian Wedding Dress [Aug. 22nd, 2014|06:11 pm]
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Zarah (Superstitchious clothing) created a bespoke wedding dress for a costumer and need it to be modeled to send photos to her and also for her website. I happen to be similar size so on a hot summer evening we did a little photo shoot at home.
Wonderful costumer, the weeding now pasted and apparently a very happy costumer.

 photo 10610641_755458524517015_6256508515158827386_n.jpg

 photo 1901135_755458651183669_7311845165093281193_n.jpg

 photo 10577196_755458351183699_8253446561462823477_n.jpg

 photo 1903017_755458591183675_678152007080144765_n.jpg

 photo 10559776_755458877850313_7259118200729101477_n.jpg

 photo 10377350_755458624517005_5843192424370751406_n.jpg

 photo 10577004_755458691183665_5754230426268601749_n.jpg