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Spetchley Park Re-enactment - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Spetchley Park Re-enactment [Aug. 22nd, 2014|12:16 pm]
Saturday 16 August

That day we went to a multiperiod re-enactment in Spetchley Park, Simon was busy with the 44th all day and i mostly wander around with my family to show them all the periods and events. http://www.spetchleygardens.co.uk/reenactments.php
Adelaide did some sword training and we did a regency dance workshop together.
Not sure where the day went as we never even got round to visit the gardens.

 photo IMG_3484.jpg

showing the more fancy tents
 photo IMG_7702.jpg

 photo IMG_3376.jpg

 photo IMG_7703.jpg

 photo IMG_7709.jpg

 photo IMG_7718.jpg

sword training
 photo IMG_3383.jpg

 photo IMG_3384.jpg

 photo IMG_3388.jpg

 photo IMG_3390.jpg

 photo IMG_3393.jpg
regency dancing
 photo IMG_3396.jpg

 photo IMG_3404.jpg

 photo IMG_3406.jpg

 photo IMG_3407.jpg

 photo IMG_7740.jpg

 photo IMG_7746.jpg

non glamourous victorians
 photo IMG_7748.jpg

 photo IMG_7735.jpg

 photo IMG_7749.jpg

we got a medical course
 photo IMG_3417.jpg

 photo IMG_3421.jpg

 photo IMG_3422.jpg

 photo IMG_7760.jpg

 photo IMG_7764.jpg
picnic watching american civil war...so cold and windy :(

 photo IMG_3429.jpg

 photo IMG_3435.jpg
 photo IMG_7777.jpg

 photo IMG_7779.jpg

 photo IMG_7780.jpg
mini pub
 photo IMG_7786.jpg

 photo IMG_3437.jpg

napoleonic battle
 photo IMG_3444.jpg

 photo IMG_3448.jpg

 photo IMG_3458.jpg

 photo IMG_3461.jpg

 photo IMG_3464.jpg

 photo IMG_3468.jpg

 photo IMG_7795.jpg

 photo IMG_7806.jpg
our little soldier
 photo IMG_7819.jpg

 photo IMG_3471.jpg

 photo IMG_7822.jpg

final procession

 photo IMG_7829.jpg

 photo IMG_7832.jpg

 photo IMG_7837.jpg

 photo IMG_3436.jpg

 photo IMG_3477.jpg

 photo IMG_3482.jpg

 photo IMG_7839.jpg