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Shopping and visits [Aug. 20th, 2014|07:40 pm]
Tuesday 12 August
On Tuesday i went back to work and the girls went to visit the Natural History Museum and Buckigham Palace

Wednesday 13 August
We went to see various exhibitions in Cork Street and at White cube, nothing earth shattering, also popped by Fortum and Mason before spending the rest of the day in Camden Market

Thursday 14 August...various plans were made but in the end the girls fancied a more relaxing day playing at home and more local shopping...so Wood green shopping centre, especially primark and a visit to Homesense and tesco in the evening

 photo 10383105_10152181910586548_4340811440302014815_n.jpg
adelaide enjoying simon playmobil collection
 photo 10437758_10152181097641548_4387591558009882908_n.jpg