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Monday tourism [Aug. 20th, 2014|07:32 pm]
Monday 11th August:  Tourism

As it was Lucie first visit to London and Adelaide wouldn't remember much i did the usual west end tour.
Starting with Piccadilly circus and M&M's shop, Leicester Square, Chinatown, Trafalgar Square, St James Park for lunch and play with Squirrels, Buckingham palace gate, more squirrel action, Westminster, Big Ben , bridge and view of the wheel, Downing Street, Horse Guards (sadly by then they had gone to bed), Covent garden and home for dinner and collapse.

first what to wear
 photo IMG_7337.jpg

few pics in garden first
 photo IMG_3247.jpg

 photo IMG_3248.jpg

 photo IMG_7339.jpg

 photo IMG_7346.jpg

 photo IMG_7348.jpg

 photo IMG_7349.jpg

 photo IMG_7353.jpg

picadelly circus
 photo IMG_7359.jpg
to much temptations
 photo IMG_7361.jpg

 photo IMG_7363.jpg
M&M's shop
 photo IMG_7365.jpg

 photo IMG_7366.jpg

 photo IMG_7371.jpg

 photo IMG_7375.jpg
 photo IMG_7377.jpg

Trafalgar square
 photo IMG_7382.jpg
st james park
 photo IMG_7389.jpg

 photo IMG_7401.jpg

 photo IMG_7406.jpg

 photo IMG_7419.jpg
Buckigham palace
 photo IMG_7432.jpg
 photo IMG_7433.jpg
 photo IMG_3259.jpg

more st james park
 photo IMG_7438.jpg

 photo IMG_3263.jpg

 photo IMG_7452.jpg
 photo IMG_7473.jpg

Big ben
 photo IMG_7479.jpg
 photo IMG_7482.jpg

 photo IMG_7498.jpg
 photo IMG_7502.jpg

has to be done
 photo IMG_7506.jpg

 photo IMG_7514.jpg
horse guard
 photo IMG_7518.jpg
crypt for toilet stop
 photo IMG_7528.jpg

 photo IMG_3268.jpg

shopping for next day
 photo IMG_7536.jpg