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Jean Paul Gaultier @ Barbican - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Jean Paul Gaultier @ Barbican [Aug. 20th, 2014|07:32 pm]
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Sunday 10 August Jean Paul Gaultier @ Barbican Part 1

Collected everyone in stanstead airport (late plabne and bumped into a friend there)...mostly plotting what to do instead
Woke up to awful weather and rain so decided to change plans and instead go to the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition at Barbican. It was fantastic, the best use of space and moving face display, so much amazing work and photos allowed...whoaaa ...inspiring

(Mixed of my photos and my sister)

 photo IMG_7117.jpg

 photo IMG_7133.jpg
 photo IMG_7145.jpg
 photo IMG_7148.jpg
 photo IMG_7149.jpg
 photo a.jpg
 photo c.jpg
 photo IMG_7196.jpg
 photo IMG_7199.jpg
 photo IMG_7209.jpg
 photo b.jpg

 photo IMG_3134.jpg
 photo IMG_3139.jpg
 photo IMG_3140.jpg
 photo IMG_3141.jpg
 photo IMG_3144.jpg
 photo IMG_3146.jpg
 photo IMG_3147.jpg
 photo d.jpg
 photo IMG_3151.jpg
 photo IMG_3153.jpg
 photo IMG_3155.jpg
 photo IMG_3156.jpg
 photo IMG_3157.jpg
 photo IMG_3158.jpg
 photo IMG_3159.jpg
 photo IMG_3164.jpg
 photo IMG_3165.jpg
 photo IMG_3167.jpg
 photo IMG_3169.jpg
 photo IMG_3170.jpg
 photo IMG_3174.jpg
 photo IMG_3175.jpg
 photo IMG_3176.jpg
 photo IMG_3178.jpg
 photo IMG_3179.jpg
 photo IMG_3180.jpg
 photo IMG_3183.jpg
 photo IMG_3185.jpg
 photo IMG_3186.jpg
 photo IMG_3188.jpg
 photo IMG_3189.jpg
 photo IMG_3190.jpg
 photo IMG_3192.jpg
 photo IMG_3193.jpg
 photo IMG_3196.jpg
 photo IMG_3198.jpg
 photo IMG_3199.jpg
 photo IMG_3201.jpg
 photo IMG_3202.jpg
 photo IMG_3203.jpg

lunch attempt outside before chuckle down again
 photo IMG_7237.jpg
 photo IMG_3205.jpg
 photo IMG_3209.jpg