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Sunday @ Castlefest - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Sunday @ Castlefest [Aug. 20th, 2014|06:50 pm]
Sunday 3rd August: Castlefest
Last day at festival, ending on a high with Omnia (and meeting them beforehand) ...they were amazing as always...also saw a french band called la Horde and Rapajle (sadly no flaming bagpipes this time). Left the festival after Omnia (as none of us fan of the last band Berlinski beat...cheese version of corvus corvax) and went to the seaside for one last swim in the dutch sea and dutch pancakes.

 photo IMG_3012.jpg

found a frog
 photo IMG_3014.jpg
 photo IMG_3017.jpg

 photo IMG_3018.jpg
 photo IMG_3019.jpg
 photo IMG_3021.jpg
 photo IMG_3022.jpg
 photo IMG_3024.jpg
 photo IMG_3025.jpg
 photo IMG_3027.jpg
 photo IMG_3030.jpg
 photo IMG_3032.jpg
 photo IMG_3034.jpg
 photo IMG_3038.jpg
 photo IMG_3040.jpg
 photo IMG_3042.jpg
 photo IMG_3046.jpg
 photo IMG_3048.jpg

la horde
 photo IMG_3050.jpg
 photo IMG_3053.jpg
 photo IMG_3055.jpg
 photo IMG_3058.jpg
 photo IMG_3059.jpg
 photo IMG_3060.jpg
 photo IMG_3064.jpg
 photo IMG_3068.jpg
 photo IMG_3069.jpg
 photo IMG_3072.jpg
 photo IMG_3073.jpg
 photo IMG_3074.jpg
 photo IMG_3076.jpg

with Omnia !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
 photo IMG_3077.jpg
 photo IMG_3078.jpg
 photo IMG_3080.jpg
 photo IMG_3081.jpg
 photo IMG_3082.jpg
 photo IMG_3083.jpg
 photo IMG_3084.jpg
 photo IMG_3085.jpg
 photo IMG_3086.jpg
 photo IMG_3087.jpg
 photo IMG_3088.jpg
 photo IMG_3089.jpg
 photo IMG_3092.jpg

 photo IMG_3099.jpg
 photo IMG_3101.jpg
 photo IMG_3102.jpg
 photo IMG_3104.jpg
 photo IMG_3106.jpg
 photo IMG_3109.jpg
 photo IMG_3118.jpg
 photo IMG_3127.jpg
 photo IMG_3129.jpg
 photo IMG_3130.jpg

last swim :(
 photo IMG_3131.jpg